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In real life I write about science, technology, and design. I also run a production company called Small Mammal.

(FAQ: The name comes from a brilliant photograph by Kenneth Cappello.)

Neat “notemation” (simple animation using Post-Its) from Frog Design. Feels a bit wall-papery (like those lame RSA whiteboard vids, which just visually transcribe what the VO is saying), and I also wish they played more with the physicality of the Post-Its instead of just using them as Powerpoint slides. 

Thoughts: this kind of approach works well for a non-narrative explainer b/c it adds sensory detail to the abstract, intellectualized “idea stream” of the voiceover. But for a piece that is already narrative — something like Storycorps or Story Collider — it may just feel redundant and “flattening”: forcing your mind to see pictures that are less rich and less personal than the ones the narrative VO can conjure up in your head. What role should the visual stream play in those contexts—what work should it do, if not simply slavishly replicating the “word pictures” of the VO? 

— 1 year ago